Video tutorials are several-minute-long educational clips that teach you how precisely to carry out a certain operation. If you’ve never had a website and the hosting realm is something utterly new to you or in case you have just switched companies and have never seen the new web hosting provider’s Control Panel, such video lessons will be immensely handy and will help you grow accustomed to the tool in question, not to mention how much time you will spare. Without tutorial videos, you would have had to either test the different buttons in the Control Panel or read help articles. In spite of the fact that you can still discover how to get stuff done by yourself, it’d be incomparably easier to watch a straightforward video tutorial and after that to simply comply with the instructions, preventing any possibility of making a mistake if a specific help article is not sufficiently intelligible.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting

In case you order a cloud hosting account through us and you’re not certain about how to perform a given task within your Hepsia Control Panel, you can check our rich video tutorial database where you can find tens of tutorial videos that will make you familiar with all the functions and features that Hepsia comes with. In case you’ve never had a website yet and this is your first hosting account, you can discover how to export or import a database, how to activate anti-spam protection for a particular email box or how to switch to a different PHP version. All relevant video clips will always be available on the right-hand side of your screen in each Control Panel section, so you can always see only the tutorials that you require at the moment. If you’re curious to discover more about other features that you can access, you can check the video section dedicated to these tutorials where you’ll see the entire list. Aside from how-to videos, you’ll also be able to watch useful informative tutorials – what error and access log files are, what CPU load is, etc.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you’ve never signed up for a web hosting account beforehand or you have purchased a semi-dedicated server service from us and you are uncertain about how to complete a specific task, you can have a look at our comprehensive Hepsia Control Panel-incorporated database of video tutorials, which will help you administer each facet of the hosting service and, even if you don’t possess any practical experience, you’ll be able to perform tasks such as picking a different PHP version for your account, exporting a database or setting up an electronic mailing list without hassles. Once you open a specific Control Panel section, you’ll be able to view all the videos that are dedicated to the features available in that very section. You can also browse through all the videos that we have made in case you aim to further heighten your understanding of the web hosting service in general, as we’ve got educative videos too. You’ll notice the shortcut to the video collection at the bottom of your hosting Control Panel.